National Days in May

national dayThere are a number of countries who celebrate in May. The National Days in May have been added below. Note that each country opens into another page and you can see the history of these national days in each country. You can also search this website for further assistance.

National Days in May

Here are some of the countries that celebrate their national days in May:

Likewise in May, a tapestry of cultural and historical significance unfolds as several nations around the globe celebrate their independence, heritage, and milestones. Argentina, on May 25th, celebrates the May Revolution of 1810, marking the beginning of its independence from Spanish rule. Additionally Azerbaijan follows suit on May 28th, celebrating the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918. See the list that I have added below.


Firstly Cameroon observes its National Day on May 20th, recalling the unity and diversity of its people. Secondly, Eritrea and Ethiopia honor their respective liberation struggles on May 24th and 28th, symbolizing the triumph over colonialism and oppression.


In Europe, Croatia joins the festivities on May 30th, commemorating its statehood and sovereignty. Denmark, on May 26th, celebrates the Queen’s Birthday with pomp and pageantry, showcasing its rich royal heritage.

Across continents, Israel marks its independence on May 8th, a day of reflection and resilience. Jordan follows on May 25th, celebrating its sovereignty and progress amidst regional challenges. I have added a list below.


In the Pacific, the Marshall Islands honor their constitution on May 1st, highlighting principles of democracy and governance. Meanwhile, Norway’s Constitution Day on May 17th is a jubilant affair, filled with parades and festivities.

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Lastly, Poland and Paraguay, on May 3rd and 14th respectively, commemorate their constitution days, emphasizing the values of democracy and national unity. Timor-Leste and Yemen close the month with celebrations on May 20th and 22nd, marking milestones of independence and unity. Likewise as the month of May unfolds, these diverse nations come together, celebrating their histories, identities, and aspirations for the future.



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