National Day of Myanmar

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The National Day of Myanmar, also known as Independence Day, is celebrated on the 4th January. However it was on the 1st December (only for 2010). This to commemorate the beginning of student led protests against British colonial government in 1920. See below on the history of what was Burma and today is called Myanmar.

National Day of Myanmar

Their National Day is to commemorate the 4th January in 1948 when Myanmar (then known as Burma) gained independence from British colonial rule after nearly 100 years of British domination. You can also look at the struggle under the National Day of the Philippines as well as the National Day of Singapore. Much like Burma, the separations came at great cost and with many complexities.

The independence process of Burma (now known as Myanmar) from British colonial rule can be traced back to the early 20th century. The struggle for independence began in earnest in the 1930s and 1940s. This with several key events leading up to Burma’s eventual independence in 1948.

Then in 1935, Burma was granted a new constitution by the British government. This allowed for some limited self-government. However, many Burmese nationalists felt that this was not enough and continued to push for full independence.

World War II

During World War II. Burma was occupied by Japanese forces, who were initially welcomed by many Burmese nationalists as liberators from British colonial rule. However, the Japanese occupation soon turned oppressive, and many Burmese people suffered under their rule.

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In 1945, following Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II, Burma was placed under the temporary control of the British military. This led to increased calls for independence from Burmese nationalists, who organized protests and strikes.

Negotiations between British officials and Burmese leaders, including Aung San, led to the Panglong Agreement in 1947. This agreement established a framework for a federal democracy in Burma, with guarantees for minority rights.

On January 4, 1948, Burma became an independent country, with Aung San as the country’s first prime minister. However, Aung San was assassinated later that year, along with several other Burmese leaders, which destabilized the country and led to years of political turmoil and military rule. See  also the National Day of Nepal as well as the National Day of New Zealand.


Myanmar Public Holidays

Firstly here are some of the major public holidays in Myanmar: