National Day of Panama

national dayThe National Day of Panama is on the 3 November (Separation Day, declaration of independence from Colombia 1903). You can see from here what the history is behind their National Day or Day of Independence. Also see the public holidays in Panama.

National Day of Panama

Panama as you know was part of Colombia. See also the National Day of Colombia. As explained before is that the day is called the Day of Separation. This is celebrated on the 3rd November each year. This day commemorates the separation of Panama from Colombia in 1903. Also the establishment of the Republic of Panama.

It was Manuel Amador Guerrero who declared Panama’s independence from Colombia. This occurred on the 3rd November in 1903. Panama used to be part of the Gran Colombia area. There was a small but short conflict between the two. This was resolved in favour of Panama. The US backed Panama as they wanted to build the Panama Canal.

This separation occurred in 1903 and the following year in 1904 the US started building the Panama Canal. The canal was completed in 1914 and changed the country of Panama and global trade forever. This is a very brief history on the Independence of Panama.

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Panama Public Holidays

Here is a list of public holidays in Panama:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Martyrs’ Day – January 9
  • Carnival Monday – date varies, usually in February or March
  • Carnival Tuesday – date varies, usually in February or March
  • Ash Wednesday – date varies, usually in February or March
  • Good Friday – date varies, usually in March or April
  • Labor Day – May 1
  • Eid al-Fitr – date varies, usually in May or June
  • Panama Flag Day – November 4
  • Independence Day – November 28
  • Mother’s Day – December 8
  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • Day of the Martyrs of the Student Uprising – December 20
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Please note that some of these holidays may be observed on different dates,



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