Argentina National Day

national dayWe have listed the national day of Argentina below. The Argentine Republic lies east of the Andes in South America. The following are the public holidays and also the national day of Argentina. Note the contact addresses for the Thai Embassy in Argentina and also the British Embassy in Argentina.

Argentina National Day

Also note that certain holidays are movable such as the carnival dates. These do not occur on the same day each year and some such as the bicentennial holiday. Finally the National Sovereignty Day is an Argentine holiday observed on every fourth Monday (or ideally, the closest one to November 20) in November.

The Argentinian National Day or Día de la Independencia in Spanish. This is the Independence Day is celebrated on the 9th July each year. Argentina’s declaration of independence from Spain which occurred in 1816 is commemorated each year on this day. Much like the National Day of Jamaica also celebrates the end of Spanish rule. The revolution that occured in Argentina started with the May revolution. This started on the 25th May 1810.

This revolt went on for 6 years and finally ended on 9th July 1816. Then a congress of Argentinian leaders gathered in Tucumán. From there they officially declared Argentinian independence from Spain. The congress signed the Independence Act, which asserted Argentina’s sovereignty and formed a new national government.

Today, Argentina National Day is they celebrate their heritage as history on this day each year. Search this webiste and also look at other countries in the region. These include but are not limited to the National Day of Uruguay as well as the National Day of Panama. See the South American national days.

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