National Day of Bahrain

national dayThe National Day of Bahrain is on the 16th December (Independence from the United Kingdom in 1971; accession day for Amir Sh. Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa in 1961). This is the day that Bahrain became a fully independent state, free from British rule in 1971.

National Day of Bahrain

Likewise in 1971 the British government negotiated the terms of Bahrain’s independence. This was from British protection and control agreement. The agreement allowed them some control over Bahrain’s foreign affairs and defense. The negotiations were held between the British government and representatives of Bahrain. This was including Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Emir of Bahrain at the time.

The negotiations resulted in the signing of the Bahrain Independence Agreement on the 15th August 1971, which officially granted Bahrain its independence from British protection and control.

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Public Holidays in Bahrain

Firstly here are some of the major public holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Eid Al Fitr – this is a religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated for three days.
  • Eid Al Adha – commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son
  • Ashura – this is a religious holiday that marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein
  • Bahrain National Day – December 16th

Finally in addition to these holidays, there are several other occasions that are recognized as public holidays in Bahrain, such as the Prophet’s Birthday, Labour Day, and Islamic New Year. See also the Bahrain Public Holidays on here.

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