National Day of Malawi

national dayThe National Day of Malawi is on the 6 July (Independence Day, from the United Kingdom 1964; and Republic Day 1966). This is the Independence Day or Republic Day. The country of Malawi gained its independence from British colonial rule on the 6th July 1964.

National Day of Malawi

Likewise independence from British colonial rule came on the 6th July 1964. The process started in the early 1950s when Nyasaland (as Malawi was then known) was experiencing a growing nationalist movement. Then in 1953 the British government merged Nyasaland with Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia National Day) and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe National Day) to form the Central African Federation.

Yet, the nationalist movements continued to gain strength. Then in 1959, the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC) was formed. The NAC was led by Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who would go on to become the country’s first president after independence. Finally in 1961, the British government allowed for general elections in Nyasaland, which were won by the NAC. This move was seen as a significant step towards independence.

Likewise negotiations began between the NAC and the British government on the terms of independence. In 1963, the British government announced that Nyasaland would be granted independence the following year. The country’s name was changed to Malawi, and Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda became the country’s first prime minister. Finally on the 6th July 1964, Malawi officially gained its independence from British colonial rule.


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Public Holidays in Malawi

Firstly here are the public holidays observed in Malawi:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • John Chilembwe Day – January 15th
  • Martyrs’ Day – March 3rd
  • Good Friday – varies every year
  • Easter Monday – varies every year
  • Labour Day – May 1st
  • Kamuzu Day – May 14th
  • Eid al-Fitr – varies every year
  • Independence Day – July 6th
  • Eid al-Adha – varies every year
  • Mother’s Day – October 15th
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • Boxing Day – December 26th

Finally you will note that the dates of some of the holidays.



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