National Days in February

national dayThese are the national days in February. Likewise see als the national days in January on here. In February, various countries celebrate their National Days with immense pride and historical significance. Sri Lanka commemorates Independence Day on February 4th. Likewise Grenada rejoices in its liberation on February 7th. New Zealand marks Waitangi Day on February 6th. Additionally Saarland (Germany) celebrates Liberation Day on February 13th. Also Lithuania observes State Reestablishment Day on February 16th. The Dominican Republic honors its Independence Day on February 27th. Likewise each nation embracing its unique heritage and journey to sovereignty.

National Days in February

Sri Lanka Independence Day: February 4th

On February 4th, Sri Lanka commemorates its Independence Day, signifying the end of British colonial rule in 1948. The nation unites in vibrant parades, cultural performances, and flag-hoisting ceremonies, rejoicing in Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and unwavering commitment to sovereignty.

Grenada Independence Day: February 7th

Likewise February 7th holds great significance for Grenada as it celebrates Independence Day. Marking its liberation from British rule in 1974, Grenadians come together with fervor, engaging in processions, traditional dances, and speeches by national leaders, exemplifying the nation’s progress and unity.

New Zealand Waitangi Day: February 6th

Note New Zealand commemorates Waitangi Day on February 6th, honoring the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. The day is marked with cultural festivals, traditional performances, and discussions on the nation’s bicultural heritage and commitment to partnership.

Saarland (Germany) – Liberation Day: February 13th

On February 13th, Saarland celebrates its Liberation Day, recalling the end of its post-war occupation and reunification with Germany in 1957. The occasion is marked with ceremonies, historical exhibitions, and expressions of gratitude for regained sovereignty.

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Lithuania State Reestablishment Day: February 16th

Note that February 16th is a momentous day for Lithuania as it celebrates State Reestablishment Day, commemorating the declaration of independence in 1918. Festivities include patriotic events, cultural displays, and expressions of national pride, highlighting Lithuania’s rich history and resilience.

Dominican Republic Independence Day: February 27th

Likewise the Dominican Republic observes Independence Day on February 27th, commemorating its liberation from Haitian rule in 1844. Additionally Dominicans celebrate with parades, music festivals, and cultural showcases, reaffirming their identity and the spirit of freedom that shaped their nation.