National Day of Lithuania

national dayFirstly the National Day of Lithuania is on the 16 February (Lithuanian State Reestablishment Day, declaration of independence from Russia and Germany 1918). Consequently while the National Day of Lithuania is celebrated on July 6th as Statehood Day, February 16th is also an important national holiday in Lithuania.

National Day of Lithuania

Accordingly the National Day of Lithuania is called Statehood Day. This is celebrated as stated above on the 6th July which is a public holiday. This holiday commemorates the coronation of King Mindaugas in 1253. This marks the beginning of the establishment of the Lithuanian state.

Consequently Statehood Day is an important national holiday in Lithuania, and it is celebrated with a variety of cultural events, concerts, and parades throughout the country. Besides the president of Lithuania also delivers a speech on this day, reflecting on the country’s history and progress.

Certainly it is a day of national pride and reflection on the country’s achievements, and it is an opportunity for Lithuanians to come together to celebrate their heritage and culture.

Comparatively there is also the National Day of Uzbekistan as well as the National Day of Russia and the National Day of Kosovo.

Public Holidays in Lithuania

The following is a list of official public holidays in Lithuania: