National Day of Venezuela

The National Day of Venezuela is on the 5 July (Independence Day, declaration of independence from Spain 1811). Note the following public holidays which has been listed below. See other countries in South America listed here.There are a number of Embassies in Venezuela. Note that President Nicolas Maduro decreed December 8th “the day of loyalty and love” to commemorate Chavez’s final speech and public appearance last year, three months before he died of cancer.

National Day of Venezuela : 5th July

Venezuela Anthem


Gloria al bravo pueblo, que el yugo lanzó,
la Ley respetando, la virtud y honor.

¡Abajo cadenas! Gritaba el Señor;
y el pobre en su choza libertad pidió.
A este santo nombre tembló de pavor
el vil egoísmo que otra vez triunfó.

Gritemos con brío ¡Muera la opresión!
Compatriotas fieles, la fuerza es la unión;
y desde el empíreo, el Supremo Autor
un sublime aliento al pueblo infundió.

Unida con lazos que el cielo formó,
la América toda existe en nación;
y si el despotismo levanta la voz
seguid el ejemplo que Caracas dió.


Glory to the brave people which shook off the yoke,
the Law respecting virtue and honour.

“Down with the chains!” Cried out the Lord;
and the poor man in his hovel for freedom implored.
Upon this holy name trembled in fear
the vile selfishness that had once triumphed.

Let’s cry out aloud: Down with oppression!
Faithful countrymen, your strength lies in your unity;
and from the heavens the supreme Creator
breathed a sublime spirit into the nation.

United by bonds made by heaven,
all America exists as a Nation;
and if that tyranny raises its voice,
follow the example given by Caracas.


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