National Day of Guatemala

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The National Day of Guatemala is on the 15 September (Independence from Spain 1821). The National Day of Guatemala is celebrated on the 15th September. This day now marks the country’s independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821.  The process started in 1810 with the “Cry of Dolores in Mexico” which sparked a movement throughout Central America .

National Day of Guatemala

There were several leaders and historical figures who played significant roles in the struggle for independence in Guatemala . These included such people as Jose Cecilio del Valle who was a leading figure and who signed the Act of Independence of Central America. His most significant contribution to Central American history was his role in drafting the Act of Independence of Central America. Today he is also viewed as a hero in Honduras (National Day of Honduras).

Rafael Carrera became the first president of Guatemala in 1844. He was born in 1814 in the city of Guatemala, and rose to prominence as a leader of the indigenous population of Guatemala. Finally there was also Justo Rufino Barrios who served as president of Guatemala from 1873 to 1885. See also the South American national day listings. There are a number of listings on this website. This is a very brief history on the national day of Guatemala.

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