Anguilla National Day

The Anguilla National Day has been explained here. The northernmost of the Leeward Islands. This is a British Dependent Territory. Below you will find the national day of Anguilla as well as how the day came about. Like most countries there is always going to be a revolution or an event that started the process of them becoming a country.

Anguilla National Day

As you might know that Anguilla is a small Caribbean island. The are is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. This is north of Saint Martin and south of the British Virgin Islands. The island of Anguilla if you did not know is part of the British Overseas Territory with a population of around 15,000 people.

Now, Anguilla’s National Day which is also known as Anguilla Day, is celebrated on May 30th each year. Anguilla day commemorates the 1967 Anguillian Revolution which was a peaceful protest against the decision by the St. Kitts-based government to remove Anguilla from its federation.

This peaceful protest then escalated into a full-scale revolution. The people took control of the island and then declared the independence from the federation. This was when the British government intervened and then restored order. The revolution and uprising of the people in Anguilla paved the way for then to obtain greater autonomy. In the end they become a separate British Overseas Territory in 1980.

Now since the revolution Anguilla has  celebrated the 30th May as the Anguilla National Day. The day marks their independence from the federation and their self-determination. The day has always been marked by cultural events as well as with parades to show Anguillian history and culture.

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