National Day of Afghanistan

national dayThe National Day of Afghanistan  is 19 August (Independence from United Kingdom control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919). The Republic of Afghanistan lies in southwest Asia, bordered by Iran (National Day of Iran), Pakistan (National Day of Pakistan). Also the republics of the former Soviet Union, and China (National Day of China). Islam is the predominant religion. The sabbath is on Friday, with work ceasing on noon Thursday. Saturday and Sunday are normal work days.

National Day of Afghanistan

Firstly independence for Afghanistan was gradual and these have spanned many decades. You will note that Afghanistan declared its independence from the British Empire on the 19th August 1919. The struggle for independence started in the 19th century when Afghanistan was still ruled by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan. He wanted to build on the sovereignty and independence. of the country.

After Emir Abdur Rahman’s death in 1901, his son Habibullah Khan took the throne and pursued a policy of neutrality in international affairs. However, this policy was tested during World War I, when the British Empire sought to gain control over Afghanistan as part of its broader efforts to control Central Asia. In response, Habibullah Khan sought to maintain Afghanistan’s independence by strengthening its ties with Germany and other countries outside of the British Empire.

Following Habibullah Khan’s assassination in 1919, his son Amanullah Khan became the new King of Afghanistan and declared independence from the British Empire. This declaration followed a long period of negotiations and diplomacy between Afghanistan and the British Empire, which ultimately resulted in the signing of the Rawalpindi Agreement in 1919.

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Firstly the Rawalpindi Agreement recognized Afghanistan’s independence and sovereignty, and established a framework for future relations between Afghanistan and the British Empire. (National Day of United Kingdom) Finally it also set the stage for Afghanistan’s emergence as a modern, independent state in the decades that followed.

Today, August 19th is celebrated as Afghanistan’s Independence Day, commemorating the country’s long struggle for independence and its emergence as a sovereign and independent nation.

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Public Holidays in Afghanistan

Firstly the following are some of the major public holidays observed in the country:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Victory Day – February 28
  • Women’s Day – March 8
  • Farmer’s Day – March 22
  • Afghan New Year (Nowruz) – March 21
  • Independence Day – August 19
  • Eid al-Fitr – Date varies according to the Islamic calendar
  • Eid al-Adha – Date varies according to the Islamic calendar
  • Ashura – Date varies according to the Islamic calendar
  • Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday – Date varies according to the Islamic calendar


Finally note that Islamic holidays, such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Ashura, and Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday. These are observed based on the Islamic lunar calendar



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