National Day of Nauru

The National Day of Nauru is on the 31 January (Independence from the Australia, NZ, and UK-administered UN trusteeship 1968)

National Day of Myanmar

national day

The National Day of Myanmar, also known as Independence Day, is celebrated on the 4th January. However it was on the 1st December (only for 2010). This to commemorate the beginning of student led protests against British colonial government in 1920. See below on the history of what was Burma and today is called Myanmar.

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National Day of Mexico

national dayThe National Day of Mexico is on the 16 September (Grito de Dolores, declaration of independence from Spain 1810). This also known as Mexican Independence Day. This day marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, which was initiated by Father Miguel Hidalgo on September 16th, 1810.

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