National Day of Suriname

National Day of Suriname

The National Day of Suriname is on the 25 November (Independence Day, from the Netherlands 1975). Suriname was under Dutch rule for more than 200 years before its independence. The public holidays for Suriname has been listed below.

National Anthem of Suriname

God zij met ons Suriname



Dutch (verse 1) and Sranan Tongo (verse 2):

God zij met ons Suriname
Hij verheff’ons heerlijk land
Hoe wij hier ook samen kwamen
Aan zijn grond zijn wij verpand
Werkend houden w’in gedachten
Recht en waarheid maken vrij
Al wat goed is te betrachten
Dat geeft aan ons land waarde.

Opo kondreman un opo!
Sranangron e kari un.
Wans’ ope tata komopo
Wi mu seti kondre bun.
Stré de f’stré, wi no sa frede.
Gado de wi fesiman.
Eri libi te na dede
Wi sa feti gi Sranan.


God be with our Suriname
May He elevate our lovely land
How we came here together
We are dedicated to its soil
Working we keep in mind
Justice and truth will set free
All that’s good to watch
Will give value to our land

Rise country men, rise
The soil of Suriname is calling you.
Where ever our ancestors came from
We should take care of our country.
There is a fight to fight, we shall not be afraid
God is our leader
Our whole life until our death,
We will fight for Suriname.



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