National Day of Liberia

national dayThe National Day of Liberia is on the  26 July (Proclamation of the Republic: independence from the United States 1847). It is also known as Independence Day and commemorates Liberia’s independence from the American Colonization Society on the 26th July 1847.

National Day of Liberia

Likewise overall, Independence Day is an important national holiday in Liberia. This celebrating the country’s independence from the American Colonization Society on the 26th July 1847.

The American Colonization Society was a group founded in 1816 in the United States with the goal of transporting free African Americans and freed slaves back to Africa. The Society believed that free blacks would face a better future in Africa than in the United States, where they were subject to racial discrimination and social disadvantage.

Then in 1821 the Society established a settlement on the coast of West Africa. As you are well aware it later became the nation of Liberia. The Society’s efforts were supported by the United States government, which recognized Liberia as an independent state in 1847.

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Public Holidays in Liberia

Firstly see the following are the public holidays in Liberia:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Decoration Day – March 2nd
  • National Unification Day – May 14th
  • African Day – May 25th
  • Independence Day – July 26th
  • Thanksgiving Day – first Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • Boxing Day – December 26th
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Please note that the dates of some holidays, such as Decoration Day.