National Day of Lesotho

national dayThe National Day of Lesotho is on the 4 October (Independence from the United Kingdom 1966). See the history of the country and the hero’s of their independence. It is a public holiday in Lesotho for Basotho people to reflect on their history.

National Day of Lesotho

The National Day of Lesotho is celebrated annually on the 4th October. Firstly there was King Moshoeshoe II who was the King of Lesotho at the time of independence. There was also Chief Leabua Jonathan  who became the first prime minister of Lesotho, who led the country’s transition to independence. Thirdly there was also Ntsu Mokhehle wjp founded the well-known Basutoland Congress Party and played a large part in the independence movement. Finally there was also Simon Griffiths Mokhele. He was the founding member of the Basutoland Congress Party and a key figure in the country’s anti-colonial movement.

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Public Holidays in Lesotho

Firstly see the following are the major public holidays in Lesotho:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Moshoeshoe Day – March 11th
  • Good Friday – varies each year (usually in March or April)
  • Easter Monday – varies each year (usually in March or April)
  • Workers’ Day – May 1st
  • King’s Birthday – July 17th
  • Independence Day – October 4th
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • Boxing Day – December 26th

Finally these days are recognized as public holidays in Lesotho.

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