National Day of Chad

national dayThe National Day of Chad is on the 11 August which was its Independence from France in 1960. It commemorates the country’s independence from France on August 11th, 1960. As you know that Chad is located in central Africa, was a French colony for many years before gaining its independence.

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Angola National Day

national dayThe National Day of Angola is 11 November being when they got Independence from Portugal in 1975. The Republic of Angola is located on Africa’s west coast and its national day or independence day is on the 4th February each year. We have listed the national day and also the public holidays in Angola. There are a number of embassies in Luanda the capital city of Angola and they are the British Embassy in Angola. Also note that there are 15 public holidays in Angola.

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Algeria National Day

national dayAlgeria National Day or Revolution Day or Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 5th July.  Some of the public holidays in Algeria is movable and others such as National Day or Independence Day in Algeria is fixed.  Note that there is a Thai Embassy in Algeria, also a British Embassy in Algeria and a US Embassy in Algeria. Note there address on the respective website.

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