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National Day of South Africa

National Day of South Africa
The national day of South Africa is on the 27th of April and is called Freedom Day. Freedom Day in South Africa as a national day is a public holiday as is [...]

Bahrain Public Holiday

The State of Bahrain is group of about 35 islands in the Persian Gulf. It is linked to Saudi Arabia by a causeway. // National Day of Bahrain, December 16. [...]

Austria National Day

The Republic of Austria is a German speaking country in central Europe. // Republic Day, November 12. Austria declared itself a republic on this day in [...]

Aruba National Day

A dependency of The Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea. // Public holidays New Year's Day, Lenten Carnival, Aruba Flag Day (Mar 18), Easter, Queen's Day, [...]

Armenia National Day

The Republic of Armenia, located north-east of Turkey, is one of the former Soviet Socialist Republics. // Martyrs' Day, April 24. This day is in memory [...]

Argentina National Day

Argentina National Day
We have listed the national day of Argentina below. The Argentine Republic lies east of the Andes in South America. The following are the public holidays and [...]

Antigua National Day

This country is made up of two islands in the West Indies. English is the official language. // Independence Day, November 1. Independent since November [...]

Anguilla National Day

The northernmost of the Leeward Islands. This is a British Dependent Territory. // Anguilla Day, June 1. Public holidays New Year's Day, Good Friday, [...]

Angola National Day

Angola National Day
The Republic of Angola is located on Africa's west coast and its national day or independence day is on the 4th February each year. We have listed the national [...]

Andorra National Day

The Valleys of Andorra are in the eastern Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Each parish holds an annual festival lasting for three days in the [...]

Algeria National Day

algeria public holidays
The Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria borders the Mediterranean Sea on the north coast of Africa. Islam is the state religion of Algeria. Some of the [...]

Albania National Day

The Republic of Albania country in south-eastern Europe, just north of Greece. In 1967, all religions were prohibited. The places of worship were allowed to [...]