Australia is a country that celebrates a diverse range of public holidays throughout the year. These holidays are a significant part of Australian culture and provide an opportunity for people to come together with family and friends, to celebrate, to rest, and to reflect on the country’s history and culture.

In addition to national holidays, Australia also has several regional holidays that are specific to certain states or territories. These regional holidays are an excellent way to celebrate local customs and traditions and to experience the unique character of each region. In this post, we will explore some of the most significant public holidays in Australia, including national and regional holidays, and examine their history, traditions, and significance.

Whether you are an Australian local or a visitor, these holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and experience the spirit of Australia.

Tasmania Public Holidays

national dayThese are the Tasmania Public Holidays which have been listed by the Australian Government. Check this site for any updates to public holidays in Australia the next time you want to know what holidays are coming up.

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Northern Territory Public Holidays

national daySee the Northern Territory Public Holidays here. These are the public holidays in Australia for the Northern Territory. The holidays are not always the same in each area of Australia so check with your local office as to which public holidays are applicable to your area. We cannot be held responsible for providing an incorrect date and therefore advice you to always check with your local airline or hotel reservation service.

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