National Day of Macedonia

Tnational dayhe National Day of Macedonia is on the 8 September (Den na nezavisnosta or Ден на независноста, declaration of independence from Yugoslavia 1991). This also known as the Day of the Republic. This was a celebration for the countries independence from Yugoslavia, which was declared on the 8th September 1991.This following the a referendum held on the 8th September 1991.

National Day of Macedonia

Likewise there is an interesting twist to this as the name of the country “Macedonia”as Greece has objected to the use of the name “Macedonia” due to its own historical region of the same name. Then in June 2018 they reached a historic agreement. This agreement between Greece and Macedonia. the agreement was that the country would be officially renamed to the Republic of North Macedonia. However, the National Day of Macedonia is still celebrated on the 8th September in recognition of the country’s independence.

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Public Holidays in Macedonia

Finally much like other countries. If the holiday is on a weekend then most times it is extended to a Monday.