National Day of Kazakhstan

national dayThe National Day of Kazakhstan  is on the 25 October (Republic Day, declared sovereign republic within the USSR 1990). The National Day of Kazakhstan, also known as the Day of the First President, is celebrated annually on the 1st December 1st each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of the day when Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first President of Kazakhstan, took office in 1991.

National Day of Kazakhstan

Firstly the day is also a time to honor and remember the contributions of Nursultan Nazarbayev. He played a key role in shaping the modern-day Kazakhstan. Finally he led the country for nearly three decades and oversaw many reforms that transformed Kazakhstan into a prosperous and modern nation.

In December 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan declared its independence. Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had been the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan since 1989, became the country’s first president. See also the National Day of Kiribati as well as the National Day of Turkmenistan.

Public Holidays in Kazakhstan

Firstly the following are the major public holidays in Kazakhstan:

  • New Year’s Day: January 1st
  • International Women’s Day: March 8th
  • Nauryz: Nauryz is a traditional Kazakh holiday that celebrates the spring equinox
  • May Day: May 1st is a public holiday in Kazakhstan, and it is celebrated as Labor Day.
  • Victory Day: May 9th the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II.
  • Constitution Day: August 30th anniversary of the country’s adoption of its current constitution in 1995.
  • Independence Day: December 16th  celebrates independence from the Soviet Union, which was declared in 1991.
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