Afganistan National Day

Afganistan National DayThe Republic of Afghanistan lies in southwest Asia, bordered by Iran, Pakistan, republics of the former Soviet Union, and China. Islam is the predominant religion. The sabbath is on Friday, with work ceasing on noon Thursday. Saturday and Sunday are normal work days.

Independence Day, May 27. Anniversary of the day in 1921 when sovereignty was established.
Children’s Day, August 30.
Mother’s Day, June 14.
Jeshyn-Afghan Days, August 28-31. Commemorates the peace treaty of 1920. Also known as Independence Days.
National Assembly Day, second Wednesday in September (Sep 8, 2004).
Workers’ Day, May 1. Labor Day.

Public holidays: The national holidays are Eid al-Fetr, Eid al-Qorban, Afghan New Year (March 21 or 22), Yom Ashura, Workers’ Day, Independence Day, Prophet’s Birthday, Independence Festival, Pushtunistan Day, National Assembly Day, Deliverance Day, and the first day of Ramadan.

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